Listen, Hear, See and Wake Up

There is almost no asking of the ministers of this nation one thing about the truth. Many of them don’t know the truth. It is time for them to stand up for the Word of God! Amen!

Liars because God Word says something and they say iti is not true for some worldly reason. Evil Beast because half of their members in the Church are still living in sin. If they do not tell them that they must repent of their sins and start living a Godly and Holy life before Jesus returns. If they do not they will end up in hell with the other lost members. Slow bellies because they are denying God Word for various reasons.

They don’t want the people to speak evil of them or to stop giving them money. They don’t want to suffer for the Lord Jesus Christ. They neglect to interpret the signs of prophecy as they occur.

They didn’t tell them that Ronald Wilson Reagan was the first beast. He was in power eight years right ober all of America. As a preacher I thought Bush was the second beast because he followed the first beast in power, Reagan, but I was wrong because when November 3rd came he was not put back in power. I know he was not the second beast but he is out there and God will reveal him as time goes by, just like the first beast- Reagan.

As a result crime, stealing and killing is going to be so bad that they are going to stop making money and use the mark of the beast which will be three 6′s (666) in your right hand or forehead.

Ronald Wilson Reagan whose name carries the numbers 666 by the mark and is further mentioned in the Scriptures one of his seven heads in the executive office was wounded unto death and was healed. (Rev. 13:1-3 and Rev. 13:18) The Lord revealed this to me over 26 years ago as I was sitting in my truck listening to Reagan give his second inaugural address. He said repeatedly “you haven’t seen nothing yet.” Each time he said that The Holy Ghost confirmed with my spirit that he was the first beast. I purchased a book of his life story and I wound out his middle name was Wilson confirming that all the letters in his name added up to 666.

The second point or sign that he was the first beast was that he was shot and his secretary James S. Brady was also shot in the head. Weren’t they? These are prophecies and truths. In my many prayers to the Lord, I said “The people have taken your warnings as a lie.” I asked “Can you reveal something else to me from Your written word that they have seen with their own eyes and heard with their own ears?” The Lord told me to get up in the morning and go to downtown Los Angeles to the library and get a list of his cabinet members. Rev. 13:1-3 reveals that one of his seven heads was wounded unto death and was healed and that was James S. Brady, Visible proof for the people, show it to them and give them a copy if they should ask for one.

As a man of God let me tell you in this especially you preachers, when God word says it and you have seen it with your own eyes and heard it with your own ears you had better believe God word Cause if anyone says it is not so you are calling Jesus a lie cause He gave the book of Revelations to John to write and everything in that book is going to happen to us exactly as it is written. Sinful man cannot change the course of God word.

Three points – The first beast was Ronald Reagan = 666, secondly one of his seven heads was wounded unto death and healed, James S Brady and third they have made an image of the beast a statue in the likeness of Reagan. Now if you don’t wake up and repent of your sins after seeing all the signs come to pass you won’t make it !!

Take heed from the maon of God; tell your members that the dow jones will fall in the near future wiping out everything. Bank accounts, stocks and investments. If you have money in such things take it out put it into a safety deposit box or buy yourself a safe and bring it home so when everything is wiped out you will have money enough to feed your family. Be wise and not foolish. The wise will have money to feed their own; the foolish will be in the soup line the very next day.

Now you have that second beast in power Obama that will give out the mark for Ronald Wilson Reagan chapter 13 of Revelation. You must be able to buy or sell without that mark in your right hand or forehead. Cause dow jones will collapse in the near future wiping out everything and stealing throughout the world will be so bad they will do away with money and come up with thie mark, instead of money in your right hand or forehead.

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